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Patrick Koopman WS model

After more than twenty years of building and repairing guitars I figured it was time to come up with the ultimate axe. I knew the playability had to be perfect and that it should be capable of producing a myriad of sounds, ranging from tender and sweet to downright bone crushing and everything in between. It should also be a guitar that balanced well and modeled as ergonomic in its shape and form as possible.


No way was I going to go on this mission by my own, I had to have a demanding and accomplished guitar player by my side, willing to put in the hours from the drawing board to the final paintjob. So I approached Will Schut, a seasoned virtuoso who frequently visited my workshop and who’s ideas about playability, string action and overall performance of the instrument were as close to mine as they could be. Will took about half a nanosecond to think about my offer to design and build the ultimate axe, a guitar that would bare both our names, so now we were a team. We talked, drew, shaped and reshaped until one year later we knew we had what we wanted. Come December of last year, the first prototype of the PK WS-model saw the light of day. And what a guitar we built!


The shape and balance of the guitar are, quite literally, perfect. A guitar can’t be any more in balance, whether you play it standing up or sitting down. And then there’s the way the neck just morphs into the body. I dare you to find a 24 fret guitar that gives you the same unobstructed access to the higher regions of the neck. You literally can’t get any smoother than this.


Talk about the shape of the neck. Forget al the confusing mumbo jumbo about C, D or V profiled necks, this compound radius neck is so accommodating to your fret hand it feels as if you’ve been playing the thing for years, even when it comes right of the rack.


And what about the sound? Well, we’ve been looking for a guitar that can do it all and we’ve succeeded in every which way we wanted. You can check out the audio examples on this site (click here), but bare in mind the following;


Patrick Koopman WS model

Apart from the shape of the guitar and the dimensions and inlay of the neck, you can choose whatever you like (see also the Options section on this site, click here). It doesn’t matter what kind of wood you want (although I’ll make sure you’ll only get the finest of quality) what brand of pick-ups you like, whether you want a tremolo or a fixed bridge, hey it’s your call. You can even have the inlay on the 24th fret customized. As for a finish, the sky is the limit, you can have any color, design, special paint or swirl.

I guess by now you’ve figured out that the PK WS-model is not just another guitar, but it’s a superb design that you can have customized to your own liking far beyond what all the other brands can do for you. In fact, your own customized dream guitar has never been so attainable as now. It’s completely within your reach, just contact me, or even better, visit me at my shop and test drive one of these monsters.


Patrick Koopman