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Okay, now we’re gonna put our money where our mouth is! Because of all the options regarding the woods and pickups, the WS is without a doubt one of the most versatile guitars out there. But we are confident enough to go one further and say that, no matter what kind of wood and pickups you choose, any single WS will be one of the most versatile guitars you can find.

Now it may seem unlikely, but all the soundfiles that you can find here were all played on the same guitar and on the same amp! In this case the WS had a mahogany body with a maple top and neck and a rosewood fingerboard. It was equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo and loaded with Seymour Duncan Invader pickups.



80s Metal

Put on your spandex pants and belt out some powerchords and bang your head like there’s no tomorrow!


Alternative Crunchy

This is how the alternative mob played powerchords, just before Kurt Cobain came in and took it up a notch or two.


Andy’s Police Sound

The sound of Andy Summer with a mahogany body and some high output humbuckers? Yep, you can because on the WS you can go single coil and reproduce Andy’s sound at the drop of a hat.



Cool Jazz

Wear a black baret, a horizontally striped shirt, snap your fingers to the beat and look as bored as you possibly can. O yeah, and smoke.



Crunchy Rocksound

One of the most used, useable and thus one of the most important sounds a guitar should be able to make. Again, the WS passes with flying colors.



EvH Brown Sound

For years people have been arguing and trying to reproduce the sound of Eddie van Halen, only to come to the conclusion that it can’t be done. Now for legal reasons we could not post the original licks from Eddie’s “Eruption” in which case we would have dared you to tell the difference.




Again, the miracle of splitting the humbuckers. This sound is so funky you can smell it from at least two blocks away.




God bless those denimdressed pioneers from the seventies! This is how you kick a valve-amp’s butt!



Jazz Solo

You’d swear that this is a hollow-body, but nope, it’s the WS again. That tone knob does come in handy at times.




Limber up and dive straight into the closest moshpit you can find. If you can get some crowdsurfing in there as well, it almost becomes art, a fine art that is.



Vintage Bite

This is how people strummed it in them old days. Still, even in this millennium, that’s not a bad sound all.



Warm Clean

Just listen to the abnormal wide range of frequencies here. It has al the lows, some bell-like highs and a mid that will cut right through any mix.



Warm Les Paul like Lead

Can it sound like a LP? For some reason 90% of all guitarists just have to ask. Our answer; You bet!



Will’s Sound

This is not Will’s sound, but in reality just one of them. It sounds big and ballsy, but the truth is, there very little gain in the amp and no distortion. That’s all wood and valves your hear. You can do this with a guitar that “knows” how to interact with your amp, and boy does the WS know how to interact.


WARNING: The quality of these soundfiles depends largely on the quality of the speakers on your computer. But even if the quality doesn’t become apparent, the versatility certainly will.